🗓 Use a « real » due date when using task auto-promotion

Task auto-promotion is really the feature I use the most. I assign a task to myself, choose a due date in the future, move the task to Later, and the task comes back to me automatically on the due date.

:ok_hand: However, I am trying more and more to choose the « right » future due date. That due date has to be the date on which I’ll be able to act.

:bulb: Here is an example: you assign yourself on the task representing a client you just emailed, and choose the due date in 2 weeks. When the task comes back to you, you think to yourself « 2 weeks is not enough, let’s wait another week before reminding them » and push again the task by a week.

:battery: That is a lot of wasted energy! Try to choose right away the right due date on which you’ll really have to act. In that case, 3 weeks right away. If the client answers before, good. Otherwise, no energy wasted.


When I first started using Asana I got burnt out a lot looking at my lengthy task list.

When Asana introduced Start Dates that helped me a TON. Now I just sent the start and end date, and move the task to “later” since I know it will pop-up at the time I set to start working on the task.


Auto-promotion only works on due dates (not start dates) I believe. (See Start Date Tasks in Today’s My Tasks - Product Feedback )

I, too, struggle with an optimum way to use due dates vs follow-up dates. Asana doesn’t seem to have a convenient, friction-free way to get this level of granularity, so I end up with tasks where the “due” date is really just a “follow-up” date, and after follow-up, I change the due date back again. It works, but I feel this is an area where Asana could be smarter to help my flow.

To be clear, the problem (truly, it’s a minor problem) is that my Upcoming list is a mix of tasks that could be worked on now and tasks that need a follow-up on a specific day in the future.

Hopefully that makes sense…

I checked again a while back and it did work on start date, even though at first it did not. But anyway; there is a good chance it is going away with the new My Tasks view anyway :confused:

I was all excited, then found that:

  1. Premium only feature
  2. Asana isn’t interested in personal premium accounts existing :frowning:

Back to using due dates ineffectually.