'Later' Tasks not self promoting to 'Upcoming' or 'Today' - am I doing something wrong?

I have a list of tasks in MyTasks all with ‘Due Dates’. I marked a task a while ago that has a due date of the 24th July (it’s now the 26th) but it is still in the ‘Later’ section.

I watched the ‘https://academy.asana.com/asana-fundamentals-101-task-management/162376’ tutorial on prioritizing tasks and at about the 5m:20s point it says that tasks will auto-promote based on the due date but mine haven’t - any ideas?

Thanks, Jason

Hi @Jason_Hegarty

Tasks should automatically promote based on due dates or start dates. I think it’s everything that’s due in the next week promotes from Later to Upcoming, then to Today at midnight before.

Just to check, did you physically mark the task as ‘Later’, or did you drag it into the Later section?

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Hi Mark

I use the little icon on the task to manually shift it to Upcoming or Later (see screenshot)


That does seem strange! @Jason_Hegarty Is this only happening with one task or multiple ones?

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Multiple I think. Let me check overnight and report back in again tomorrow.

As of today, I have:


  • Tasks with a due date of ‘Yesterday’ = 1
  • Tasks with a due date of ‘Today’ = 1
  • Tasks with a due date of ‘Tomorrow’ = 3
  • Tasks with a due date of ‘later than tomorrow up to 6th August’ = 6