Batch-select multiple tasks and set as blocking another one

In our agency work we heavily rely on dependencies in order to trigger inbox alerts. There are so many cases, where those allow us to remove due dates without having to make a guess about a real due date in terms of when I may or may not take action again.

Now, in list view I can batch-select multiple tasks and make them dependent from one other task. But I can’t do the opposite. I cannot mark a whole package of items as blocking that one crucial task. Or milestone, for that matter.


Sure, I can open single view and then search for one after the other. But sometimes, you know, going about it faster would be so much of an an energy saver. So this is what I propose:

  • Either allow for many tasks blocking one other task in list view
  • Or let us drop a batch of task URL in single view

Do I make sense here? Anybody in? Proper workarounds I haven’t applied?
Sorry if I missed a duplicate, I did search in advance. Otherwise, please merge.

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Thanks for sharing your feedback with us @Daniel_Kreiss! As it stands, it’s currently not possible to mark tasks as dependent of one task in bulk using the multi-select feature. My hunch is that this is related to the limit of dependencies you can currently have per task. The dependencies current limit is at 30, while precedents is at 15. We are working on aligning both. I’ll let you know once I have more information about this feature!

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You can’t mark them blocking, right? If I am not mistaken I have been making batches of tasks dependent, blocked by respectively, all the time. Which is a feature I :heart: to begin with! Just miss the opposite direction.

Upvote. Its nice to select multiple to set as dependent — but id really like to select multiple and set as blockers.

In our use case we have a milestone for a new version release we are working towards. it would be helpful to multi select all the tasks and set them as blockers for that release

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