Today, Upcoming, and Later should include items with due dates



Tasks should also auto-populate the “Today”, “Upcomming”, or “Later” fields based on date range. If I add a new item today that’s has a due date of today, why do I have to go find it in the list of new tasks and manually mark it as today twice? Also, any past items created that might have gotten buried and haven’t been manually moved to the “Today” section can easily go unnoticed unless you cross examine your tasks from multiple views a day. It takes the ease out of just opening Asana and having what I need to do today in front of me. I shouldn’t have to go searching to make sure things line up.

Similarly, “Upcoming” should have options to automatically include things due within the next week or user defined. “Later” should have an option to automatically include all items over a week out, or user defined. If these options were chosen, then “New Tasks” would contain items with no due dates assigned.

Items manually moved out of any auto-populated category, such as moving an item automatically placed in “Today” to “Tomorrow” would override the auto-populate.


This is great feedback, @Shawn_M, and we’ll pass it along to the team for future updates to My Tasks.

In the meantime, the auto-promotion based on the due dates will happen once you’ve moved the task out of New Tasks once. So if you put a task in Later that is due in two weeks, it will auto-promote to Upcoming a week before the due date. Then, it will auto-promote to today on the day its due. So, if you move it out of New Tasks when it first is assigned to you, it will ensure that everything you have due today shows in your Today section.

You can also see more on this here:


Regarding tasks that are in Today, what can I do to remove items that have already been completed and still show up in Today?
For example, today is the 27th, and I have tasks with due date to the 24th, which have been completed(and marked as completed) but still appear in Today.
I don´t want to delete completed tasks as I keep track of the amount of work I have completed.


I’d like to elaborate on a minor frustration I have with Today, Upcoming, and Later assignments… Sometimes, I mark an item as Upcoming or Later, but can’t find it later to move it within my Today view. Now, my today view has sections based on priority. But, what I find is, if a task has no due date or a future date and is marked as Upcoming, I may not have trouble finding the task (Search works fine), but I can’t easily move the task to an area in my Today view. Even if I change the due date to today’s date, the item stays in my Upcoming section. I’d like to see an option associated with a task that I can mark it as “Today, later, or upcoming” after it has been categorized this way from the New Tasks view.