Upload Dropbox Rule Broken

When building a rule, I am unable to use the “upload attachment” to dropbox folder as a final action . When I go to paste any link from dropbox the link is deemed invalid.

To reproduce this, create a new rule, set the rule “when” trigger to any, set “check if” to any, and select “upload attachments via dropbox”. Then paste any link from a dropbox folder and the link will be deemed invalid.

I tested and recreated this problem in an incognito browser, using various different folder names, and using various dropbox links!

I am using Google Chrome and am am using Asana Advanced trial


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Hello @anon16720342,

are you using a personal Dropbox account or an organization/company Dropbox?

I had this issue also in the start with a Dropbox team/company account.

As a first step go to your Asana profile settings and completely remove Dropbox, deauthorize the integration .

Then access the project again and reconnect Dropbox and set up the rule and add the Dropbox folder url.

If it still does not work try it in another Asana project. In case you still experience issues then record a short video about how you connect it and send it to Asana support so they can look into this for you.

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Thanks, @Andrea_Mayer! I am using a Dropbox Plus account, I wonder if that is the issue!

Went through the de-authorization steps and also tried the rule on a new project and still got the error, I’ll reach out to support.

Another similar report here: Asana + Dropbox upload automation malfunctional

Yeah initially I also had the problem also with the Plus account. Best to see with support.

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