Upcoming vs Later . . . What is 'next week'

Hello . . . I am new to Asana and am wondering if someone can explain to me the definition of “Upcoming” vs “Later” in the “My Tasks” project page. It is my understanding that “Upcoming” refers to tasks with a due date of next week, and “Later” refers to any task with a due date beyond next week. I am wondering if ‘next week’ refers to a new calendar week, or seven days from today. As an example, today is Thursday. Does “next week” start this coming Sunday (or Monday, if Asana defines a new week starting on Monday) . . . or does it start next Thursday (7 days from today)? Probably should be obvious to me, but it isn’t.

On a related note, shouldn’t tasks automatically appear in their appropriate section (“Upcoming” or “Later” - whatever that may be based on my question above) based on their due date? And should they not migrate ‘automatically’ (without my dragging and dropping) to a different section (“Upcoming”, “Later” or even “Today”) if the due date is changed after the task was initially created. For example, if I have a task with due date scheduled for next Friday this should have automatically appeared in “Later”. But if I change the due date to tomorrow (which would be THIS Friday, as of this writing), I should expect it to automatically migrate to the “Upcoming” category, right? The reason I ask is because this does not seem to be happening for me. I have some tasks due on the same day but which are populating in two different sections on the My Tasks page. For example, I have two tasks due this coming Sunday, but one is in the Upcoming section, and the other in the Later section.

Thanks for any clarification you can provide.


Hi @Tom_Comerci, welcome to Asana and the Community Forum!

You are right, you can place tasks you’re working on this week in the Upcoming section and the tasks you’re working on next week or later in the Later section.

Tasks with due dates that have been marked as Upcoming or Later will automatically promote through as they approach their due date. Please note you will need to first move the task to the section, it won’t appear automatically based on their due date. This is a popular request in the forum and we have an existing Product Feedback thread, I recommend you to upvote here: Move task from new to today if due date is set to today :slight_smile:

Please find more information about the auto-promotion feature in this article.

I hope this helps!


Thanks for your prompt response. Thanks for the clarification. I will review the threads you suggested when I have a moment and let you know if I have any questions. One thing . . . can you please tell me what Asana considers to be ‘next week’ . . . 7 days from today (next Thursday) or this Sunday or Monday (start of new calendar week)?

Take care.



Please ignore my f/u question. I read the article you referenced re: auto-promotion and found the following. It would seem '7 days" - not a calendar week - is the answer.

When a task is marked as Later, the task will automatically move to Upcoming at midnight seven days before the task’s due date.

Thank you.