Unwanted duplicate rows appearing in Gantt view

Hi Asana Community,

I am seeing duplicate Subtask Milestones in my project Gantt view, screenshot below:

When I click one of the duplicate rows to open the detail view on the right, both duplicates are highlighted, screenshot below:

How can I stop the duplicates from appearing in the Gantt view?

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Hi @James_Cooper2 , this is happening because the subtask Milestone ‘Deliver analytical capability’ has been added to the project, which you can see in the field ‘Projects’ with the name crossed out. If you click on the ‘x’, it will solve your issue by no longer showing it also in the list view as a parent task (note, it is technically NOT a duplicate).

Note, that this will also reflect in the List view, so you will no longer see your subtasks in the main list view.

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Hi @Richard_Sather , thank you for replying again!

So it looks like I can have either my Gantt or my List view correct, but not both…

I’ll add a link to my previous query in case it may help someone else with a similar issue: Milestone Subtasks not visible in List view - #3 by James_Cooper2

I’ll do some more thinking and see if I can find a workaround.



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