Milestone Subtasks not visible in List view

Hi Asana Community,

Please help me, some of my Subtasks have disappeared from List view and I don’t know how to get them back!

I have a project with “primary” Milestones & “secondary” Milestones nested as Subtasks.

Within the project, I have set up a Custom Single-select Field called “Milestone / Deliverable / Activity”, with three options:

  1. Milestone - corresponding to primary milestones
  2. Deliverable - corresponding to secondary milestones
  3. Activity - corresponding to Subtasks within the secondary milestones

As I was adding some Activities to the Deliverables and playing with Filters in List view, I noticed that entire category of Deliverables disappeared from the List view!

The Deliverables still exist in the Project and are visible as individual rows in the Gantt view here:

And on List view if you click the parent Milestone:

However, this limits my ability to bulk edit the Deliverables and get a comprehensive overview of the project through List view.

I have tried the following to resolve the problem but without success:

  1. Cleared all the Filters and Sort options from the List View
  2. Closed Asana and restarted my laptop
  3. Searched on Help Centre and the Forum for anything on this issue

Has anyone come across this type of issue before?

Best wishes,


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