See tasks under milestones in List view

It would be very helpful if we could see the tasks under the milestones in List view, too (I read a couple of posts requesting something similar but for the Timeline view). It’s not even possible to save a view wherein all the milestones and tasks are expanded. Anyone who’s not familiar with the project or with Asana will easily miss out on the context of the milestones and things like handing over projects can easily become confusing and a pain.

Hi @Kym_Ramos By tasks under milestones - do you mean subtasks?
Subtasks are never shown in the main view as auto expanded. Have you looked at making them tasks in a section with the milestone at the end of that section and dependencies in place?

Hi @Danielle-GenD Thank you for the suggestion. It sounds like I have to work depending on how Asana works. I’ll just keep on expanding the tasks under a milestone each time.

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