tasks rolling up under milestones.

I am having some issues with milestones and I am not sure if its because of the version that we have purchased.

I would like my tasks to indent under the milestone so that I can collapse them up. Also would love for the start and end date on the milestone to be auto populated based upon the dates of the tasks below it.

I have seen in the forum that people are able to do this in their projects but I can’t seem to find how to do this. Seems like a simple thing to do but I can’t find the ability to do it. Is this feature version or plan specific?

The first screen print in this post is what I am looking to do.

Hi @Toni_Dougherty

You need to at least have a premium plan to use milestones.

I can confirm that this is possible, just like in the screenshot you posted.

I think I figured it out as I convert the tasks to subtasks under the milestone. I am looking into this now to see if it gives me everything I need. I see we have Business Organization plan, that should give me everything I want, correct?


I’m glad that you found your tasks will need to be subtasks to accomplish this.

Please know subtasks do not function the same as a parent task and you may find some limitations that are expected behavior (ie. subtasks aren’t visible in calendar view).

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Thanks for the heads up. I am fine with the limitation of the calendar view. Any other major limitations I should be aware of? That you can think of :slight_smile:

When you are looking at a subtask in “My Tasks” it won’t show the project that subtask is associated with in List view. Also, the subtask due date won’t automatically update if you update the parent task’s due dates.

@ambforumleader @pforumleader – there have been so many improvements in subtasks recently I feel like I’m drawing a blank. Does anyone have a list?

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The latest on subtasks:

  • a new rule trigger “all subtasks have been completed”

I believe that’s it ^^. @lpb might know better

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Yes, that’s a good one.

Also, over the past year or two subtasks have started appearing more, like in search results and other views. Sorry, I don’t have a specific list but I’m quite sure there are at least 3-4 instances of such changes.

@Toni_Dougherty, if you like the hierarchy of subtasks under tasks, you’ll surely appreciate this:

Also, Toni, note that Milestones, unlike regular Tasks, may not have Start dates; only Due dates. But in some views they may effectively achieve what you’re looking for in that regard.



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