Removing tasks or sub tasks from a milestone

I have several tasks that I added to a milestone. I want to remove the milestone tag and/or just move the task to another milestone. I’m sure this is simple! But I can’t find a way to do it.

In this screen shot, I want to move the highlighted task to First Build WIP milestone.

Hi @Dana_Park. To remove the Milestone tag, just click on the task and it should open up the task details. On the far right click on the three dots (…), and then click ‘Unmark as Milestone’.
If you wish to move a task to another Milestone, it is very simple. Just hover over the task, and then click-hold and drag on the six dots of the task to move it.

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Hi Bernie, I don’t see that option unfortunately. Here’s what I see -

Also, for your second screen shot, it doesn’t allow me to drag a task from under a milestone and move it to another. It just highlights it and then a message window comes up telling me the (limited) edits I can make to it.

Let me just clarify my original question. I added this task TO a milestone. I didn’t make it a milestone.

Now I would like to move it out of that milestone and add it to another one. That is the step that I can’t see an option for…

@Dana_Park, In the screenshot you included of the task menu, just hover Advanced actions, choose Make a subtask of, and then select the other milestone; that will move the subtask from its existing milestone to the new one.