Unlimited Guests as Members in paid plan ?


I totally understand this is not right, but I would like to have a “selfish” plan like this, and if there’s another same topic, please show me, I could not find out.

The plan is:

  1. I pay 05 Members of the Premium Plan, with my not “true” domain, like false-domain.com, so my members will have account *@false-domain.com.

  2. Guests have the same Premium Plan (Porfolio, Timeline, Workload feature) as Members (yes, I have tried).

  3. I will then invite unlimited number of “Guest”, which I use the domain “true-domain.com”, they a my real colleagues; then I would have unlimited Guest, which I will treat them as Members.

Please tell me if the plan is wrong, otherwise, this is Asana’s feature and I could use the weakness, or will Asana would fire a penalty on this.

Thank you,

You do realize you are asking on the official Asana forum how to screw with the Asana pricing? :thinking::grimacing:


Even though guests have access to some features, there are some things they can’t do (like create custom fields, or create portfolios for example)

Thank you Bastien, I try not to be evil :slight_smile:,

You are right, Guest do not have custom field. But I have tried the Business Plan, and the Guest do have the same Business Plan (Porfolio, Timeline, Workload) features as Members.

In detail, Guest:

  1. Can not create Custom field; but they can see the Custom field when Members share Porfolios to them.
  2. Can create the Porfolio, view Workload, Timeline.