Guest limit at organization

Hello, good morning,

I´ve a paid plan of Asana and is quite clear that there is a limit of 15 “associates” to a project, including members and guest, but is any guest limit for an organization?

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Hi @Miguel

Not per se - however as a rule i recommend no more guests than you have licences. (Licences are not “per project” by the way)
Depending on if they work for your company and are using guest domains it could be viewed as “guest abuse”.

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Hi @Danielle-GenD

No, they wouldn’t work for the company, my idea is not abuse. I have several projects with one or two external partners (customers, suppliers, etc.) and my worry is to start a new project and can’t add another guest because of a limit.

Thanks for your reply.

Hi @MA_de_Pablo , welcome to the forum :wave:

As @Danielle-GenD explained, there is no limitation on the number of guests.

I note that you mentioned you are on a paid plan but are you perhaps on a trial period?

During trial period there are some limitations such as not being able to use Forms with public links. I’m not sure whether the amount of members of a project is also a limitation during a trial period but either way, it may be best to contact and ask them why you are limited to 15 users per project.

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Hi @Richard_Sather

Thanks for your worries, is not a trial period, in fact I’m quite disappointed that some functions that work in trial period doesn’t in licensed (appear that Rules work but not specify that Custom Rules belongs to other plan).

The doubt was, for example, if 16 guest distributed in 8 project can be a problem?

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No, not at all. This is common practice for some of my clients who use Asana to work with numerous external contractors, consultants, vendors/suppliers etc.