Unfollow All Subtasks


I was asked by a coworker to create one of her projects for her in Asana, as a favor because she was too busy to get it done. Our project template uses tasks as line items for all the products in a given job (we’re a millwork manufacturer), so a task may be titled “Coffee Bar” or “Checkstand” or “Customer Service”. We use subtasks to manage individual deliverables for each product. In our case, these deliverables are “preliminary draft”, “engineering”, “verification”, “release to shop”, etc.

So when I created this project for her, which has over 100 products, each of which has its own set of subtasks, I was automatically a follower for all the tasks. No problem, I just shift-clicked the whole list and clicked “unfollow” so that I wouldn’t get email notifications for her project. Here’s the problem: I’m also automatically a follower of every subtask, so I’m being notified every time there’s activity on those, so I’m getting emails by the ton for a project that isn’t mine. Is there a way to batch unfollow all the subtasks in a project? To go down the list and click unfollow for every subtask will take me ages.

Thanks in advance!


Use Advanced Search. Specify project in question, and you’ll be presented not only with tasks but also all subtasks.

  1. Search -> Advance Search -> In Projects -> provide project name
  2. Select All
  3. Unfollow

Additionally if it is too much, you can narrow the search to only subtasks, or created by me or Creation Date (to specific date when you did that).



Perfect! Thanks so much!