Question: anyone have a tool for bulk unfollowing stuff?

We have several senior people who can’t use Asana any more due to inbox bankruptcy. Was wondering if anyone is aware of a script or a tool that’ll allow us to systematically unfollow everything in their account, so that they can start again.

I realise I can build this myself via the API, but wondering if perhaps it’s not been done already?

Thank you!

Hi @Robert-Stuttaford, thanks for reaching out!

You can bulk unfollow tasks using the Advanced Search feature, @lpb has shared a great workaround here:

When you multi-select your tasks, you need to select “Add collaborators” and then you will have the option to remove a specific user as collaborator of all tasks selected:

Unfortunately this doesn’t work for Conversations but I think this is possible with Flowsana, @Phil_Seeman can you confirm? :slight_smile:

Lastly, I suggest you to add your vote to this thread Global follow-unfollow option and notifications if you wish to have this feature in Asana!

I hope this helps!

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Alas Flowsana won’t help with this particular scenario.

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Thanks for confirming @Phil_Seeman!

Thank you @Emily_Roman and @Phil_Seeman :slight_smile:

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