Unassigned tasks in daily update emails

This may have been answered elsewhere so apologies if it has, however I couldn’t find a similar thread.

In my organisation me and a colleague are the only ones that use Asana and I set up projects using tags to virtually assign tasks to others. For additional context, we use a multitude of different systems for task management across the business so it’s difficult to convert everyone to using Asana at this stage.

In the daily update emails, I notice it only contains upcoming and due tasks that have been assigned to either myself or my colleague (that has the other Asana account). Is there any way of getting the tasks that have a due date coming up, but aren’t assigned to anyone, to appear in these daily update emails?

I don’t think so. However here is a trick.
If your email is jamie@company.com then you might be able to use the email jamie+bastien@company.com, and still get the emails sent to your email inbox. BUT Asana will see this as a new account. So you could basically create accounts for your colleagues but still get their notifications =) I encourage you to go as far as uploading their picture and use their real name!

Would that do the trick?


@Bastien_Siebman is right daily email update only contains tasks assigned to you or where you’re a collaborator :slight_smile:


That’s a great idea and sounds like it will do the trick.

Thanks @Bastien_Siebman!