Not receiving daily update emails and neither is my colleague

Both a colleague and I are not receiving our daily update emails. They usually come in at 5am but stopped a few days ago. All email notifications are on. We have not changed any settings, the emails just stopped coming.

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Same with our organization. Tuesday was the last day we received our Daily Summary email. Maybe we should post somewhere other than Tips and Tricks?

Yes. I wasn’t sure where to post it. Any suggestions and I can repost it. Thanks!

Hi @Suzanne_Razaq and @Krista_Daly :wave:t5:

Apologies for the delay in responding and thank you for taking time to report this issue. We have received other reports from users experiencing this issue and and our Team is currently investigating it. I have added your reports to the current task we have for this Bug and I’ll keep you posted there as soon as we have an update!

Thank you for your patience! Have a nice Friday!

P.S.: @Krista_Daly I’ve gone ahead and closed the other thread you created in the #productfeedback category to avoid duplications. I hope it’s OK.

Thank you for your help, Natalia. And closing other thread is fine by me!

Hi @Suzanne_Razaq and @Krista_Daly :wave:t5:

Jumping here to let you know our team has pushed a fix for this and it should be resolved now! Marking this thread resolved, but please let us know if you’re still experiencing issues here.

Thank you for your patience! Have a great week!

Still not receiving my daily emails and neither is my colleague. Did not receive today’s (Monday 5/4).

Hi @Natalia I received my Monday email at 4:57am CT so issue appears to be resolved for us!

I hope this gets fixed soon for you @Suzanne_Razaq

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I’ll check tomorrow. Hopefully I will see the email. Thanks.

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Hi @Natalia I did not receive my daily update email today and neither did my work college. Tues 5/5/20. Please can you assist. It is imperative that this function work for us due to how we are trying to use and incorporate Asana as an organizational tool. Please can someone reach out to me regarding fixing this ongoing issue. Thank you.

Thank you for the follow-up @Suzanne_Razaq and apologies for any hassle caused!

Before escalating this further I just want to confirm that you will only receive daily summary emails in the following cases:

  • When you have tasks that are due within the next 5 days
  • When there are tasks that were recently assigned to you

If you do have tasks due within the next 5 days or you have recently been assigned to any task, please let me know and I can escalate this further.

Thank you Suzanne! Looking forward to your reply!

Yes, I have several tasks on my list and my colleague’s list for today, tomorrow and Friday, but we are still not getting the daily emails. We also have tasks recently assigned to each other.

Suzanne Razaq

Hi @Suzanne_Razaq!

Quick note to let you know our Team is currently investigating this and I’ll keep you posted as soon as I get an update!

Thank you for your patience Suzanne!