Daily emails not showing tasks due for the current day

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My daily emails send me a list of tasks that are due this week but on the day that tasks are due they do not appear.
Eg, I have one task due today Friday 21st of August 2020, yesterday’s daily update stated this was due however it does not appear in today’s daily email.

Steps to reproduce:

I have attached yesterdays and todays emails as screenshots for reference.

Thank you

Hi @Joe_Bennett, thanks for reaching out!

In order to investigate this further, could you please send me the URL of the task that was due on Friday and didn’t appear in your Daily Summary?

Looking forward to your reply!

Hi Emily

Thank you, please see below:


Thanks for sending this information @Joe_Bennett! I had a look and I see the task is due on August 21st but you marked it complete on August 20th. For this reason, it didn’t appear in your task due on August 21st.

Hi Emily

I think there may be a difference with the way date values are being used as this task was closed on the 21st of August in my time zone which is +10 GMT.

What time zones are used to send out the daily updates, task and project dates? My system clock or the servers system clock?

Thank you

Hi @Joe_Bennett! I see what you mean, in this case, in order to investigate more details I recommend you contacting our support team:

Please share the URL of this thread with them so you don’t need to provide this information again. I hope the issue is solved soon!

Thank you Emily!

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