Unable to log in Asana. Hangs at loading page

Unable to login to my Asana account on Windows Chrome. Stuck at login page. kept showing “populating projects” “fetching new comments” etc.

Hi @Howard_Law and sorry for the trouble here! Let’s see if we can resolve this together.

  1. Is this also happening with another browser?
  2. Are you able to log into your mobile app?
  3. Are you logging into your account from a bookmark? If so, could you try to log in from https://app.asana.com/ ?
  4. Are you logging into your account with your “Email + Password” or are you using the “Sign in with Google” feature?
  5. Does the issue persist when you try from a incognito window in your browser?

If the issue persist, please kindly send me your connectivity test results.

Thanks in advance and looking forward to your reply!

Hi Emily,

  1. Yes, both Firefox and Chrome
  2. Yes. Mobile app is fine
  3. Tried the link you provided. Still unable to log in.
  4. Email + Password. but at the moment it doesn’t land on the log in page.
  5. Incognito window too stops at the “fetching info” etc after I keyed in the Username and Password.

Thank you so much Emily. Really appreciate your kind help.

Hi @Howard_Law, thanks for writing back and confirming this information.

I see we’ve received similar reports and our engineering team investigated this. it looks like it is the Bitdefender security software that is causing this issue, specifically Endpoint Security for Mac. Bitdefender have suggested that you can contact b2bsupport@bitdefender.com for support on how to fix this. A quick fix recommended by Bitdefender is to enter URL exclusions for “*.asana.com” and “d3ki9tyy5l5ruj.cloudfront.net” in your policy at Network Protection > Global Exclusions.

Please kindly check internally with your IT department to follow these guidelines. If the issue persists I recommend you contacting our support team as they will be able to have a closer look into your account.

Again, apologies for any inconvenience. I’m marking this bug as solved in the forum but please let me know if you have any questions.

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