Asana does not open after login

After entering my username and password the page does not load. After 5 minutes a popup with this message appears: Trying to reconnect. Changes will be synced once your connection is restored.

I only have this problem using chrome on windows computers, not on apple. It has been like this for a week.

Hi @Kirsten4 and welcome to the Asana Forum!

So sorry for the trouble here, let’s see if we can resolve this together!

You mentioned that this is only happening on Windows, can you confirm if you’ve experienced the issue with more than one computer running on Windows?
Could you run this connectivity test and let me know what your results are?

Looking forward to your reply!

Yes on multiple computers this issue appeared.
See added screenshot for connectivity test.


Thanks for the quick follow-up @Kirsten4!

Could you please work with your IT department to check if your corporate firewall could be interfering with the connection. In this case, whitelisting * and * should resolve your issue! You can also refer your IT team to this handy article:

Looking forward to your reply!

Hi @Kirsten4, just checking if you’ve any update on your end?

Looking forward to your reply!

Yes thank you, it’s fixed now! It was the firewall .

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Great news, thank you so much for keeping me posted @Kirsten4 :slight_smile: