Unable to edit Projects

Unsure as to why my team member is an administrator on a Team, but cannot edit any of the projects within that team. Am I missing something?
The project is available to the entire Organization.

It’s a visibility property the fact the project is available to the entire Organization.
It’s due to a permissions separation for task, project and team.

@Jenn_Gall the permissions are explained at the following reference guide:

If you need to set up the project’s owner, look at this reference guide:

Hi @Jenn_Gall welcome to the Forum! I’m sorry to hear that your colleague is experiencing issues. As @Colle mentioned, Projects within a Team can have different permission settings.

If the user has full permission but cannot edit anything in the Project, can you please have them try the troubleshooting tricks listed here to make sure they are not experiencing a browser-related issue?

If this doesn’t help, please ask your colleague to contact our Support Team directly and provide them with the URL link for one of the Projects they cannot access. Our Support team will then be able to access the Project information and further assist the user. :slight_smile:

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