Automatically providing editing access to team members

Hello! Looking for support on something although this could be a lack of familiarity with the change to team memberships.

I create many projects from a few different templates in a private asana team that are placed in various asana teams throughout my department. I want my TEMPLATE to be uneditable and restricted so only myself and other choice PMs can edit. However, I want all projects created from this template to be editable by all team members in the team it is placed in.

How can I automate this?

Furthermore, is there any way to grant access to all projects in an asana team to all team members or even one team member in one fell swoop?

Thank you for your help!

Specify that when editing the template in the 3 Settings page.

This must be done when each new project is created from the template; the person creating the project should set Privacy to Public to team as shown:

Also, in the template > Project content > top right corner > click the images to edit Project members and ensure that the first “Members” line is set to Editor (or Project admin):

For more info on that, see also Introducing new access level in projects - “Editor”

Only with the API (or third-party tool, perhaps). But all projects in a team that has Privacy set as above are already taken care of. You can identify ones not set this way in project lists usually with a padlock icon and/or the word “Private.”


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Thanks for this information Larry! To clarify, it seems that if i set Privacy to “Public to team”, that will allow team members to view the project but not edit - am I mistaken?

Thanks, @Tioge_Nixon, I just made my reply above more complete to address that too.


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brilliant, that’s just what i needed. Thanks for the prompt help Larry!!

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