✅ Ultimate Guide to the new Sidebar redesign: Get your team prepared!

May has arrived. Still no sign of it . . . :confused:

May has 31 days in it, we’re only on the first one! :wink:

Ok got it, Phil, but your comment was by May, which in my understanding is before May 1st. But so be it, I just keep waiting. :slight_smile:

Marie, I have the new sidebar (like it!) but the rest of my team does not. Can you update us on the roll-out schedule, or is there anything they need to do to acquire the new layout? Thanks!

Hi @Chris_Harris2, This is now rolled out to 35% of our users. It may take some time to fully roll out. We will update you in the thread below once we ship to 100% of our customers!


Please restore the ability to sort the project list manually (I can’t understand why this would have been removed) and add the ability to sort the project list alphabetically.


Łukasz_Suchy I am one million percent with you!! I many have clients and those clients have a few boards each. I need to be able to flip back forth easily between clients/any one of their projects a million times a day. This new set up is an extra step for me and honestly a nightmare in terms of functionality. My entire work flow has been upended and inconvenienced. I sure would like the option to choose one or another and i would choose going back to the old style for me. PLEASE.


I don’t like the new sidebar. It would have been better to allow users the option to continue in a “classic” mode, rather than force them to use this new shorthand, which is very awkward. Now I have the unpleasant task of educating my organization on how to use the new sidebar. The reason we invested in Asana as a project management tool was that we found it more straightforward than most of your competitors.


It’s in the desktop version. It looks completely alien.


My problem as well

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I honestly don’t like this new design. In the old sidebar was very fast and easy to find all my projects. In the new bar most of the time I have to use the search function. So, I’m not saving time, I’m spending more time trying to find every single project.

My solution was to star every single project I’m working on, so finally I have everything without “searching” every single time! Hope this helps someone.


These are really poor changes. You have removed functionality that was essential to our team. (1) You can no longer see all the active projects in one place (well, I guess you can when you roll over the arrow beside your team name, but that is very clunky). (2) You can no longer manually sort projects. This was essential to us as all our projects start with codes.

The only solution appears to be starring every active project, which kind of defeats the purpose of a favorite, which starring implies. This is also clunky because every member of the team has to remember to star newly added projects. I don’t know how we’ll figure this issue out.

Please give us the ability to (1) see all projects in the sidebar, without starring them, as we used to be able to do, and (2) sort projects manually, as we used to be able to do.


The problem with accessing projects from the team overview page is that you have to click “see more” if you have a bunch of active projects. I just had to click “see more” SIX TIMES to see all our projects.

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I have access to advanced search. We don’t have a paid plan.

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They sidebar ‘redesign’ is total nonsense. So much functionality has been removed. I cant believe they implemented such a stupid update.


@RSDA , I think you have misread my post. What you are referring to was not implied to be the current expectation. But this was:

It actually now only takes one click because Asana has since enabled the flyout menus to open upon hover.

I use the same system :)! I’ve always loved the way of having a total overview in the sidebar, manually divided into sections with empty projects.

With the update the only way I can get close is by using starred projects, but this requires many extra steps if I’m adding a project (which I do often), as it means essentially doing everything twice. First on the teams page and secondly in the starred section (adding, sorting).

I used to do everything with just a couple of clicks right from the sidebar, with no risk of error.

The resize option for the sidebar is very useful, but this to me is a massive downgrade rather than an update. It’s going to continually disrupt my productivity.


I have to say that this is an extremely slow feature rollout. It’s been four months, and still not deployed to all. Any news on the when it can be expected for us still waiting?

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@Ari2, This was answered recently here:



I am strongly seconding @dan.bashaw’s comment on the critical functionality of the expandable sidebar. It was the main reason I switched to Asana from Liquid Planner and now it’s gone.

Larry, I still think maybe you’re not seeing how the two tips you suggested don’t provide good solutions to the prior expandable view. The expandable view allowed simultaneous one click access with situational awareness, so you could quickly jump between the many projects you’re working on to update tasks, figure out the schedule and assess progress. Requiring someone to also remember to add their project to a project index is impractical and error prone, and still would only be a list of tasks not allowing quick jumping between projects. We work in a hardware engineering / shop environment, and the ability to see a global view of all teams and all projects at once and quickly one click to each one is a critical functionality for scheduling and keeping the schedule on track.

I love asana but please bring this back! Thanks.