✅ Ultimate Guide to the new Sidebar redesign: Get your team prepared!

Our teams organize their projects by date and seeing them in a list on the sidebar was a efficient way to find the projects we were looking for. Is there any way we can get that feature back? Everything else about this upgrade seems to be GREAT. However, this one feature is really going to slow down the efficiency of my teams work.


Pop out windows of the sidebar sections (menu, Favorites, Saved Searches, Teams, etc.) that could be pinned open would be a great feature. Let the user move and resize the windows just like the main window.

Just adding another story to the pile as I’m quite disappointed with Asana and these updates. Our agency went through many project management options before settling on Asana. The sidebar organization by Teams and rearrangeable projects quickly became integral to how we run our business. It’s certainly the reason we’ve stayed with Asana the longest and I’m again questioning if we need to make the switch to something new like Monday.com, Wrike, ClickUp (the list goes on…).

Our primary gripe is this: We are a Marketing Agency that manages multiple channels for many clientssimultaneously. Some of those clients rely on their guest Teams access to see their content calendars, brand assets, active projects, etc. We now have a lot of internal training as well as Client training to do in order to get back to baseline. It feels like a major step backwards for us as we’ve become so efficient thanks to Asana.

With the latest update to the sidebar we’ve also lost:

  • A scannable list of hot projects by Team (agree with sentiment above that using the Starred section is not a legitimate workaround, you can’t ask every team member to Star every new project and there’s no section breakdowns like there were with Teams)
  • Ability to quickly switch between client projects, content calendars, etc. because our organization has been thrown into disarray
  • An easy to access list of all projects per Team (like I’m sure it’s in there somewhere but where did it go??)

Really hoping my comment gets seen by those making these decisions. I’ve come to love Asana and feel burnt.


No it’s not. Maybe for you. Please bring back old view or let us sort our project’s and see all of them on the list. Maybe you work on specific role and it’s OK for you. But many people are using sidebar for navigation to all projects. Cuz they manage a lot of projects. In new form its so bad.

I do not understand why you can’t just add as option to still see all projects on the sidebar and force us to use that 3 step click for see all my projects?


We have a post Let Us Sort Projects Manually in Sidebar - #9 by Łukasz_Suchy please vote it up, so maybe some of them will se it and let us to use asana as we want with projects on sidebar. Not like they “see it”…


@Richard_Sather As you can see in this topic, almost all of us want the full list of projects (even as option) in sidebar or an option. You can simply remove “>” and just let as see and sort all projects like in old design under the team name.

Can you please respond to our request and give us information whether such an option will be added / restored?

I think for many of us it will be very important information. For me, its for example be or not :).


Hi @Łukasz_Suchy , thank you for your posts which I will gladly respond to.

Initially, I should take the opportunity to clarify that I do not work for Asana, therefore I have no insight into Asana’s roadmap (which they do not make public anyway) or on the roll out of the sidebar and it’s future development.

To clarify further, Asana employees in the forum will have a distinctive Asana logo as their badge. The orange badges like mine, are for Asana Partners who are independent consultants vetted by Asana, who can be hired to offer consulting, training, onboarding and customisations amongst other services.

Having said that, the original post was my own initiative which I dedicated by own personal time to write up in order to help teams prepare for the change and understand the design decisions Asana has taken. Additionally the guide contains my own personal views on the sidebar, having tested it for several months now, but I can empathise that not everyone will feel the same way about it, especially for users working within a single Team.

Finally, I am glad that @Evan_Barrientos1 has taken the initiative to create a new topic in the Product Feedback category where forum members can vote on (since that is not possible in this thread) so your consolidated voices can be reviewed by the Asana team.


@Richard_Sather Yep, i thought you are from Asana, now i know about the ambasador bagdes etc xd. So all we can do right now is voting?


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Is there a way to roll-back to the old sidebar? My team can’t work like this, we need to be able to see all projects and scroll through them. The new sidebar makes this impossible.


No, sorry, there is not. You’ve done the right thing which is to leave your feedback here.

Wow! I’m beyond excited for this. This appears to fix most if not all of my frustrations with the current layout.


@Richard_Sather I’m no longer able to view all of my projects in one view and now projects are getting lost and neglected. This update has severely and negatively effected myself and my full team and our ability to project manage effectively.

Is there a way to revert to the old menu? Otherwise, my team and I will be forced to find a new project management solution.

I appreciate your time.



First of all I was like BOOOOOOOO this is :poop:

But then I realised I could star all the projects that are important to me - THANK GOD :sparkles:

Question, because this is obviously important / breaking change for a lot of people. Is there more changes for the sidebar on any Roadmap we can read?

While staring is going to work for me, I feel for all the pissed off users. Maybe you (:index_pointing_at_the_viewer:) just need to add the ability to let us choose what our Top & Recent projects are as opposed to this “auto magic malarkey”. I for one would appreciate that :innocent:


Asana doesn’t have a public roadmap, so no, nothing to read or know about in advance.

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Hi, we use a business plan premium however, I don’t see any updates and changes in the sidebar? May I know when is the rollout of this update? Thanks!

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Is the update exclusive only for Asana Application and doesn’t work in a web version?

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It’s in the web version (I don’t actually think it’s in the desktop version but not 100% sure about that). But I think it’s still being rolled out so you may not have it yet in your workspace.

When will the new sidebar redesign be available? Our team does not see the change and we are enterprise. I saw on the newsletter it was announced.

From what I’m told, it should be rolled out to everyone by May.

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