UI Deprovision Button TOO Easy to Click - No Warning Step

UI issue here, I’m probably not the first - accidentally deprovisioned a key member of our team when just trying to remove them from a team. The deprovision link appears directly after you click remove member from team.

I really think that button should move/be harder to click, AND that there should be a warning or additional step to deprovision - it’s been a nightmare to recover from - and something that serious should take typing their name in (Like it is to delete a team).

Hope this gets solved so no-one else has to manually reassign hundreds of tasks!

Welcome to the Forum @Joshua_Phelps and thank yo so much for sharing your feedback with us and for the gif attached. It is super useful to understand your request.

Sorry to hear you’ve experienced difficulties with this. On my end, I’ve made a task for our team in charge to consider this for future updates and will keep you posted on this thread if I hear anything back! Please don’t forget to cast your vote Joshua!

Have a nice day!