UI change - Project tabs/buttons in tasks pushed down


Big “yes” for that! I twitted Asana about it a few days ago, this seems to be a simple change that should be reversed quickly.


New Task Layout ? :(

I am a long time user of Asana and have introduced it to multiple companies. My team has adopted Asana heavily and rely on it daily. I agree with the sentiments expressed in this thread that these changes have made Asana more difficult to work with based on how we use it… especially the change in location for the Project buttons. PLEASE move those back to the top… this is hurting our productivity and resulting in daily internal complaints and increasing resentment against Asana.


I will never have tasks that are public and in the recent UI changes the “This task is private to you. Make public” is always showing and eating up screen real estate.

Is there anyway to remove this or move it under the “…” menu like all the other items (tags, etc)?


There’s another reason that hasn’t come up here yet that makes it both confusing and hard to use when the Project(s) | Section v component is not located near the top of the task pane:

The Section v dropdown portion of this component is really handy to use in order to move content from section-to-section in the main pane. I often prefer to use it because often it’s faster and more accurate than dragging and dropping the task row in the main pane.

When the component is present at the top of the task pane, that functionality makes sense. But when that component is not at the top, it really doesn’t make sense anymore that it’s use should affect the container (the project/sections) of this task of this task.

Moreover, when this component is found further down the task pane just above the task’s subtasks and subsections, one might expect this control to shift a selected subtask from one subsection to another, but of course that’s not what it does. So the component, when located near (sub)sections that it doesn’t control, is confusing for this second reason.

The above example is regarding a non-multi-homed task–I’m just assuming a task that’s in a single project. (Others have already made a case regarding multi-homing/multiple projects). Because helping newer or more novice users was a goal of these design changes, and because this is the simplest use case of this component (non-multi-homed), I think in this regard not having the component near the top of the task pane is actually worse for new/novice users. It’s not just worse for all of the more seasoned Asana users who may be more likely to comment in the Community and have asked for this change.


I like the new UI. I don’t disagree with having the project field above the description when they get too long, but…

If you are really worried about efficiency you should really be using hotkeys anyways…“Tab + P” and you’re right there :slight_smile:


Why was this post censored?


Why was this post censored? I fail to see anything here that is inappropriate or offensive.
Could it be that we’re now censoring users for simply expressing an opinion contrary to Asana’s personnel?


I would like to add my voice to the crowd calling for the Project fields to be moved back to the top.
Like many others this is unhelpful and counter-productive to our use of ASANA.

Also (as others have said) it feels a little patronising of the developer who posted to say “…the pain will diminish” - basically telling us all to ‘Like it or lump it’.
If you genuinely believe that the changes benefit new users, that’s fine, but how about an OPTION / Setting to give users the choice of showing these fields at the top, or below the main content ?

That way you keep your existing users happy, who have developed processes around the old layout, and also accommodate your feeling that the new design will be more usable by new users.

I hope that is a positive to suggestion to what is proving (for many) to be a negative change.


As we tend to have a single task that appears in multiple projects, having the project name(s), tucked away below the description where it may well not appear on the screen is particularly unhelpful.
The move may have been useful to some, where a task only sits under a single project and you know which project you are currently dealing with, we need to see at a glance which projects are affected by the task.


Hi Chris! If you’re interested in why posts are flagged in this thread (and others), I suggest that you visit our community guidelines and posting guidelines here:


Hi Alexis

Thanks for posting those guideline excerpts. However, I’m still failing to understand how I or the majority of the other 8 comments that were censored breached these guidelines.

I don’t feel that my comments were antagonistic or contained any “threats, harassment, lewdness, hate speech, or other displays of bigotry”.

I can only assume that because I used the word “hate” you have deemed that to be hate speech.
In my comment, I simply stated “we hate it (referring the product change)” - this is not hate directed at any individual and simply reflects the level of frustration and displeasure that me, my team, my clients and the ever increasing number of people commenting on this topic feel.

I can’t help feeling that you’re being a little overzealous with the censorship button here.

When you make changes to a product and invite feedback from your users, you should expect that not all of that feedback is going to be favourable or to your liking. In this case, the feedback has been unanimously against these changes.

While I appreciate the time taken by your product manager to attempt to explain the reasons for the changes in such length, the quality of the response and the subsequent attempts to censor anyone who expresses frustration with the ‘like it or lump it’ nature of the response is only going to infuriate and alienate your users, the community and those contributing to the debate.

It’s disappointing that you’re not wiling to listen to these frustrations and act upon them but rather silence them and continue on regardless.


What is the point in having an ASANA Community, full of Asana administrators & users, who use Asana day in day out, live & breathe Asana, yet don’t take our opinion into account at all? Make changes on a whim without any notice?

This seems very amateurish guys, please think about the us, the people using it every day. I have well over 100 angry staff constantly complaining about this change. This has had a huge effect of morale, just when i thought we were finally over the line bringing in new technology.


Count me in!

I’ve made a similar post yesterday, just found out that it’s already discussed.

Please put it back on top :frowning:


I’m one of those silent users that were not complaining and just wanted to support this thread. The project tag down there is out of context and much less accessible than before, with some other issues already explained by others (muscle memory, etc).

The whole argumentation by Louis sounds like making Asana easier for new users (which will only be “new” for a limited time) in detriment of existing users (basically, everyone after the first weeks) who need productivity from a productivity app. And it’s not like it had a steep learning curve before. Is this really a good move?

What I don’t get at all, and Louis didn’t explain, is the yellow visibility warning. (Yes, it’s styled like a warning). It’s drawing too much attention and separating vital bits of information on the interface. I find myself reading it again and again even if I don’t want to. I mean, I’m fine with that information being somewhere, but why is it on such an important location? It’s almost like you want to worry me or push me to make tasks public. You say you want to simplify the interface, and then add that in the middle? It must be really important. Or… is it?

If it is that important, this could be solved with a visibility/eye icon with a message on hover, or something like that. Maybe in the same line as other “status” information like Asignee | Deadline | (Visibility), or just below other fields… in place of the project tags we want back on top, for example.


I strongly disagree with projects moved to bottom of description. Most of the time as project manager I want to have quick glance at tasks and check if they’re on desired projects/multiple projects.

Having long descriptions and small resolution on laptop means I constantly have to scroll down to be able to see such information. Also, a lot of my team members are now disoriented and confused with the new layout.

Previous layout has done good job on the logical side. It serves as the breadcrumb

Project > section
Task Description

  • subtask
  • subtask

I don’t know how do you guys based your research on, but the community has spoken out and majority here are not pleased with current decision.


All they could have done is basically just hover to that checkmark and it change to ‘mark as complete’ but rather they’ll pollute the layout with long text button (and yet icons on subtask, attachment and others). The checkmark is basic common sense in any to do list app I’ve ever encountered.


A superbly awesome individual on our team mashed this userstyle for us and I thought it might be helpful for those frustrated by Asana’s apparent lack of concern about this change. I too find having the projects shoved down below the description really irritating, so this undoes that (for now):

div.SingleTaskPane-projects--belowDescription.SingleTaskPane-projects.TaskProjects {
    position: absolute;
    top: 195px;
    left: 0;
    background-color: #fff;

div.SingleTaskPane-descriptionRow {
    margin-top: 140px;

div.scrollable.scrollable--vertical.SingleTaskPane-body {
    position: relative;


My 2c; maybe if you don’t want to revert some of these UI changes, you could turn this into a feature request to allow users to reorganize the task pane components to their preference. Something like an additional action to “Reorganize Pane” which would reveal handles to drag components up and down, then save those positions per user?


What a great idea.
I’m not sure where you’re putting these styles but I did a bit of a google and installed a chrome extension called “Stylish” and setup my own stylesheet with the styles below to make it look like the attached screengrab:

  .TaskPaneAssigneeDueDateRowStructure {
    	position: absolute;
        border-bottom: none;
    .SingleTaskPaneToolbarEasyCompletion {
        position: sticky;
        top: 0px;
        z-index: 100;
        background-color: #ffffff;
    .MessageBanner {
        display: none;
    .SingleTaskPaneBanners.SingleTaskPane-banners {
    .SingleTaskPane-projects--belowDescription.SingleTaskPane-projects.TaskProjects {
        background-color: #ffffff;
    .TaskProjectToken {



I for one am going to be a kiss-ass and side with Asana on this.

They really haven’t let me down in terms of UI improvements with this platform, so with all their designers, testers and large companies using the tool I’m going to trust that this is part of some bigger picture thing that will make sense once day!

But for now, it’s annoying to take a half second or so to look for the project as it’s in a different spot on every task.