+ icon to Add to Projects in Subtasks

A little while back I noticed that the + to add a subtask to another project had been removed from subtasks. I created a ticket and they had determined it was a bug, and it was resolved shortly thereafter. The other day I noticed again that the + had been removed. I created a ticket again and this time Asana support stated it was intentional in order to “declutter” the screen. What’s funny is that the parent tasks still have “Add to projects” which is actually much longer and more “cluttered” than a simple +. I don’t understand the logic behind removing that on a subtask (and yes, I know the functionality still exists with Tab+P or from the menu but people get used to workflows and changing those without good reason has an impact on efficiency). I’m curious if anyone else finds some of these little changes frustrating when there are perhaps other more important things out there. I appreciate the feedback.

Hi @Richard_Parke, thanks for sharing your feedback with us. You’re correct; currently, you can add subtasks to a project by typing Tab+P. This update was implemented last year following tests aimed at simplifying the task pane. Your input has been forwarded to our product team for consideration, and we’ll keep you informed if there are any plans to further enhance this functionality in the future.

Thank you once again! Feel free to reach out if you have any further questions.

I find it interesting that you pointed out what you added, not what you removed (the +). That’s what this post was about. I don’t understand why Asana would remove existing functionality. I understand adding new functionality and thank you for doing so. The removal is what I don’t understand. Please don’t put your customers in a box. People like options, and get used to functionality. The removal for unnecessary reasons is the concern here.