How to make task as subtask but keep it in the current project?

I’ve got two projects, Epics, and Backlog. I use tasks in Epics as a means of grouping work together, but I normally create tasks in the Backlog and only after, make them sub tasks of the relevant task in Epics. However, as I make it a sub-task, it’s also removed from the Backlog. I then have to switch view, find the new sub-task, and add it back to the project, where it has now lost its position and I have to re-order the tasks again.

What I would really want is to be able to make it a sub-task, but also keep it in the project. Especially if the target parent task is in another project. I imagine I’d be less likely to want this behavior if both tasks were in the same project.

The alternative would be to create all sub-tasks directly on the tasks in Epics, and then add them to the Backlog project. I would then order them after I’m done. However, this requires a huge amount of back and forth clicking, as I select a sub-task, add the project, go back, try to remember which entry I was on, select the next one, repeat.

If I was able to drag-drop all of the sub-tasks onto another project in the side-bar, without also removing them as sub-tasks, that would be another way to solve my problem.


Hi @Andreas_Axelsson if you do Tab+P on the subtask you will be able to add the subtask back to the “Backlog” Project.

As it stands now SubTasks in don’t also appear in the Project.

Hope that helps.



Hi @Andreas_Axelsson!

This is a great question, as @Jason_Woods mentioned, you would need to add the subtask back to the project. We have a feedback request for this feature, if you wish to vote please have a look at this thread: Allow to automatically add subtasks to project - #26 by Sofie_Couwenbergh

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions.


@Andreas_Axelsson: Using the Asana Navigator Chrome Plugin you would be able to select one or multiple tasks and add them as sub tasks using a keyboard shortcut. This will not change any assigned projects.

Also we provide an add-on to Asana that – beside others – will automatically add sub tasks to a target project (which might be a different one). Internally we use that for pretty much the same you request it for (we are a group of software development companies).

If this sounds interesting to you, please send me a DM.



I saw this plugin mentioned in another post, and it looks interesting. I’m just not too keen on having to add and manage plugins, and I also don’t use Chrome much, so I’ll try to cope with the workarounds for now.

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I found the most convenient method for now is to have a saved search which lets me know which sub tasks in project A are not members of project B. Then I can easily add all of them at once.

Additionally, having a section at the top in project B, ensures that all new tasks end up at the top in their own little area (in the no-section space) where I can easily find them for further organization.


@Andreas_Axelsson: The add-on I mentioned earlier is now available. Using Ninjana you can configure on project to which project newly created sub tasks should be added automatically. This could be the same or a second project.