Collapsible Description Box

Is there any way the Description text box can be made collapsible? Sometimes we have a very long description and the sub-tasks get missed. Or maybe even have the sub-tasks listed above the description - as well as any attachments and Projects the task is tied to. It would also allow for less scrolling when trying to get to the comments at the bottom.

This is not possible for the moment but I like the idea.

Concerning the project indication which should be above the description, you can add your vote here:

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As we use more task templates to describe precisely the context of repetitive tasks, we are starting to run into issues where the description is long, and gets in the way of seeing subtasks and comments.

A collapsible or abridged version of the description field would be helpful. We could relocate the description to an attached document as well, but I’m wondering what the community has been doing?

Hi @steph3, thanks for taking the time to provide this feedback.

While a collapsible description isn’t available in Asana at this time, I can see how it would be useful! Hopefully this is something our Product team can implement in the future. I’ll keep you posted if I have any updates :slight_smile:

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As a designer, I’ve been successful using a different approach to navigating a long area with lots of important content like the Task Detail pane with a mechanism other than expand/collapse, which actually has drawbacks. I sure wish Asana would do this in the Task Detail pane, and even more so now then when I first proposed this during an Asana redesign years ago:


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Currently the task sidebar has a “Description” field with a very large textbox asking “What is this task about?”. Is there any way to minimize or remove this field? I don’t use it much, whereas posting task updates (which appear below the Description) are very important but get pushed far down the sidebar by the big empty Description box.

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We can’t remove this field I’m afraid. I agree that when descriptions are long this can be a bit of a pain. It would be nice if there was an expand/collapse option.

It’s also a pain when there is no description at all. After recent updates the description field is now a massive empty box no matter what.

An alternative approach to this solution would be to allow for text within the description field to be collapsible. I use Notion often, and they have a “Toggle List” option which you can apply to a header text, and then put text within this section. You then have the option to collapse to section to one line. So great from a UI perspective. This would allow for long description text capabilities as well/

Floating this back to the top as it would be a HUGE QoL update to have a description are that is by default—collapsed.

The initial feedback is from 2018, yet something so simple not being addressed is disappointing. And it’s mildly ironic that there is a way to “fullscreen” the Description box, but not collapse it. Seems fairly straightforward to implement.