In board view, option to have project description visible by default



For Board projects, a per-project option to have the description open-by-default would help with getting people using Asana, by e.g. including instructions on how to add tasks (with custom fields etc). There is another post that describes the problem with project descriptions in boards being unnecessarily truncated to the same height as list projects (I think).

Ideally, this would be remembered per-user-per-project state, so that although user sees the project description by default [if set on the project], if they choose to hide it, this is applied whenever they go to that project, (and also in reverse, so showing a default-hidden project description is likewise ‘sticky’ for that user.)

Project description field is so small and shy and so useful

Indeed, we use our project description to describe how is setup our workflow and it would definitely help newcomers. Display it by default, once it’s read they can just hide it but at least they’ll know about it.