Posting Guidelines


Please be mindful of these posting guidelines when you engage in the Asana Community Forum.

Not permitted in Community Forum posts

  • No excessive exclamation points
  • No CAPS
  • No bad language

General advice for Forum posts

The types of posts you might write in the Forum
The types of posts you’ll find yourself writing in the forum will likely have a few themes:

  • Asana how-to support
  • Asana workflow questions
  • Sharing your product, integration, or API expertise
  • Open questions that will spark conversations from different perspectives
  • Offering your unique advice and perspective about productivity or related topics
  • “Coffee-talk” posts that may not be directly related to Asana but would help foster fun conversation and a sense of community for the group

What makes a good Community post
Whatever the theme, a good Community post usually includes a few characteristics. Here’s how you can write a good Community post:

  • When starting a thread, write a specific subject line that describes the topic of the post
  • Open by clearly defining the subject of the post and what you need help with or what advice you’re providing
  • Outline what type of role you’re in and team you’re on
  • Outline your specific use case
  • If applicable, clearly define what you’re trying to achieve or have achieved in Asana
  • If you’re asking for help, describe the options you’ve tried that haven’t worked, and explain why they didn’t work for you
  • If applicable, describe the workarounds you may have used
  • Include screenshots of your workflows, what’s working, what’s not working. Complement the screenshot with a description that helps viewers understand what they’re looking at
  • Provide links to other relevant Community posts and Asana Guide articles you’ve explored

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