Turns off email notifications on connected work links for users who are not on both projects

Hi, my team works with clients on Asana who we would not want to get notified of when work is linked on another thread.

With the recently rolled out connected work links, even though the client cannot see the reference on the task thread, they are notified by email that their work was referenced somewhere else. I tested this on my personal email (which is not a part of my workspace) and received the attached.

Can this please be updated so a person who is not on both projects or tasks is not notified of the connected work link by email?

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I added my vote. This sometimes creates uncertainty with other users if they cannot see every thing.

In case it wasn’t known, I believe this is only a one-time email, not something that happens every time work is mentioned. I believe it’s similar to the one email you get the first time someone Likes something you did; it’s helping introduce new features to users gradually.

I still recognize the issue, and voted, but wanted to clarify.


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