Turning off Inbox Notifications for applied rules

I agree! Unfortunately as this only has 8 votes it doesn’t seem like it is a priority for other users so I don’t expect it to become a feature in the near future.

I have thought about asking the people that trigger the rule most frequently to set it up so that I can delete mine. You don’t get notifications for triggering your own rule so it wouldnt clutter their inbox. However, my team is not fully on board with asana so I am hesitant to ask them to create a rule.

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I agree with the comments here. When rules create notifications the inbox gets so cluttered that the feature is unusable for me.


As another “I created a template for the company” guy, I can confirm this is brutal on my Inbox. An annoying but possible workaround would be to create a fake user in your workspace just to create all the rules. Not ideal but…

I saw a post from March saying this only has 8 votes in Features, but there’s another request that has 44. (It’s one that asks how to turn off ‘toast’ notifications on rules.)

I am a brand new user and this is the very first thing I searched for how to do.

I’ve set up rules that I very much want to use, but every action I take it popping up multiple notification windows. It’s so constant/distracting that I feel like I couldn’t use the system daily to manage my tasks.

It pops them up right in front of the first column of your list too. its super distracting. Sometimes multiple rules trigger and the whole left side of my screen is full of notifications.

The interesting thing is, that I contacted the support on this issue already in November of 2019, when rules were introduced, and they managed to turn the inbox-notifications off almost immediately. So this seems to be not such a big deal. After the rules were enhanced by date-functions (for example I shift all my due-dates over one day via a rule, that where not completed on that day), the problem appeared again. Since then, this bug (and can’t believe it was meant as a feature) wasn’t fixed. I just spent about one hour in my inbox, trying to sort through and separate notifications from real messages, after being 4 days off. If you have many rules, this makes the inbox practically unusable, unless you are willing to spend a lot of time in the morning sorting the inbox. One of Asanas key advantages from my point of view is enhancing productivity and at the same time having a great usability experience. Unfortunately, I cant say that for this problem and hope, that it will be fixed soon.


Please fix this. My inbox is so cluttered with rules and updates. Super unnecessary.


Hey there,

I encourage my team to set up their To Do Lists in the best possible ways for them. Some of them end up using lot of different columns- which is fine as long as they are getting their work done. The only problem is: My Inbox is getting clutterted whenever they move their tasks around. Some of my employees already told me that they re scared that they might miss something important due to the mass of useless notifications. It would be great if there was an option to turn notifications for triggered rules or tasks getting moved around.


I am a PM for a large company and this feature is hands down one of the most frustrating that there is no solve to. I have a team that creates rules and my side bar is filling up every time one of those rules run. For those of us trying to automate this can almost be a deal breaker because I can’t even access my projects due to the pop ups. If it was built to run as a worflow why would it have these distracting messages popping up?


This issue will be addressed only if it reaches enough votes. Please ask all your teammates to vote for this. I guess this is a serious problem for a large number of people, but Asana is simply not aware of it. Let’s let Asana know how important this is.

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I am also very confused.

The 2019 post says the problem was fixed but it definitely isn’t in the current iteration.

Rules are very helpful but SUPER annoying and a huge inbox clutter to get an Inbox notification every time a rule runs.

I use rules daily to move overdue tasks into a correct section of “My Tasks” based on the tasks’ priority. I also use Rules to move things into sections like Today, Tomorrow, This Week, Next Week.

Seriously, how can I turn off notifications for when these rules activate. Deleting the notifications takes about as much time as using the rule was meant to save me.

And slack as well. I’ve had to turn off the slack notifications for all of Asana because of rules generating notification dings. The only thing I am interested in getting a notification about is when I am @mentioned.

Please fix this! We’ve almost stopped using rules in our organisation because the notifications are such a problem


I agree with everyone here. Please fix this. My Asana inbox is basically useless due to all the triggered rule notifications I receive. When one is a PM as well as the template SME, the rule notifications make the PM part of the job extremely difficult.


The notifications were turned off for a few months for my inbox. That was a very productive time :blush: But now for some reason they are on again and I have to spend at least half an hour every morning freeing my inbox of this rule-notification-clutter. Would it not be a good idea to leave it open to the user, if they want these notifications or not and give an option in the settings to turn them on/off? At times a get a real aversion of even touching my inbox, knowing I have to invest so much time cleaning it up. Asana is all about useability and productivity, but this “feature” surely doesn’t pay into these two objectives. Please fix this problem :frowning:Preferably by just killing these notifications or for all the notification-lovers just give an option to switch them on or off.


Our company just switched over to using ASANA and already we are seeing issues with this as well…We are using a great deal of automation between multiple projects and everyone is getting bombarded with notifications. This is going to become/becoming a real issue as it renders the inbox nearly useless because everything is buried under our multiple rule notifications. It looks like this is up to 62 votes. Will this be included in one of the new feature releases??

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Adding my voice to this request - in general I think the Inbox screen could use a lot of love, like expanding filtering capabilities, but also the option for certain types of notifications to skip it altogether.
Automation notifications can be added explicitly within rules (adding a comment, or triggering email/sms/slack/etc.), so forcing them all to go through the Inbox can get super cluttered.

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