Turning off Inbox Notifications for applied rules

Please fix this!


How quickly 4.5 years have passed since the original request on this topic.

It’s interesting that the first request in 2019 only took a few days before the notifications in the Inbox for this type of triggering rule were turned off. However, that luck only lasted a short while, and then the notifications were permanently back on. The fact that it was initially resolved so quickly shows me that it is possible and the effort involved must not have been too high.

Dear Asana team, please address this issue. I can recommend Asana to 98% of people and am an enthusiastic user. Yet, this problem accounts for the remaining 2%. After 4.5 years, you could make this gift to the silent majority. Thank you very much.


Rules are a great feature that makes complex automated processes possible while keeping it simple at each stage
But the notifications from every Asana action make the inbox unusable
My team doesn’t see when they are tagged in the comments :cry:

Please let us turn off the rules’ notifications, or at least an ability to filter them out in the Inbox view :pray:

Is there any update here? This seems like a basic setting.