Turn emails into tasks with Asana for Gmail


Hi @Raff_Marqs - I’m glad to hear the add on will be helpful to you! But I’m sorry to hear you’re seeing this issue. We have encountered a bug and our team is aware and working to solve it asap. I hope we’ll see an update very soon!


Great. Thanks!


Love this feature! However, when using templates in Asana, there are often a lot of tasks with the same task title. If I have 5 open projects using the same starter template, then I have 5 open tasks with the same name. See example: https://cl.ly/rXcb.

i couldn’t use the Asana add-on for posting an update to the “Communication preferences” task example above (part of our new client onboarding procedures) because I have 5 open new projects, plus the task that lives in the Asana template project that also appears in search results.

A solution is to include the project name in the search results list. That would give us enough detail to know exactly which task to click and update! Until that point, 50% of our task titles (at least) are templated and therefore can not be used with the add-on.


Any update on that bug? My team and I are still having issues with the app random appearance…


I really wish this feature included a link back to the email from Asana. ToDoist does it very well. I know Asana wants to be the alternative to email but the reality is so many request are still communicated via email and having that link back to not only the original email but chain of emails would be great. At minimum all is needed is for Asana to automatically add a link somewhere into the task. Maybe a special area can be created for “Emails” with a little email icon.


Just a quick follow up - I noticed that (not sure if this is new or I just never noticed it) that when you use the Asana Add-On in Gmail and leave the “Add Email To Task” that at the very bottom of the comment created in the Task is provides a link: Created using the Asana for Gmail Add-on. View in Gmail: link here

This is great but it would be nice if this also showed up when you didn’t include the whole email as a reference. Also GUI wise it would be nice if this was some kind of icon that appeared at the top of the message that when click took you to the email in Gmail.


Hello, I just switched to g suite and am the admin on the account. Im having the same trouble with getting it to show up in my inbox - any advice? is there still a bug? or a workaround? Can I forward my admin email temporarily to a different user. This is kinda a must have working kinda thing



I installed my Apps for Gmail more than a month ago and so far it’s still terribly buggy. It’s a matter of luck if the app will appear or not on the sidebar :frowning:


Thats not great to hear, I am in the process of switching my CRM to asana based on how well the integration was working on a personal gmail. Now that i set up gsuite and use that email as an admin I cant seem to get it to work. Im wondering if there is a workaround?


I am the admin of our GSuite account, and I installed the Asana app for everyone over 1 week ago. It shows as “On for everyone”. However, I haven’t ever seen the Asana icon in my gmail interface. I’ve rebooted my computer, restarted Chrome, logged in/out, and tried from 2 different computers. What else can I try?


Do you plan on fixing this issue? Google WILL NOT provide any support and they says it’s your issue.


Your customer support team is horrible BTW…


The add-on suddenly appeared today.


After installing the app, it does not appear in the sidebar, as many users will attest in the reviews section of the Chrome App Store.

Gmail add-on disappears in side bar

Hi @willthefirst! Are you a GSuite user? If so, can you please confirm that that the add-on is showing up as “Installed” when clicking on the following link?


Note that it might take a few hours for the add-on to show up in your Gmail.

Hope this helps! And please let us know if you’re still running into trouble!


I am not a GSuite user, but the new version of Gmail offers these add-ons to anybody (right?). And when I click that link, it does indeed say that the add-on is “installed”.


Thanks for the additional info @willthefirst! Can you make sure that your Admin has whitelisted the Add-on for your domain? Can you also verify that you have authorised the add-on for your account (both are required for GSuite users!)


A little feedback:

There are a lot of comments about not being able to install, so is there a separate thread for discussion on the usage? Having to manually search for project and users makes this “integration” bulky and time consuming as we have to wait for a load every time. I used it for a while, but gave up.

I’ve convinced both companies I’ve worked for to make the switch to Asana, but none of them use the add-on because of this.


Hi @Eric_Jacko2 :wave:t3: and thanks for reaching out!

I would recommend creating a new thread in the #productfeedback category for this issue!


@Eric_Jacko2 If either of your companies use Outlook even if their syncing their google g-mail to Outlook, I think the functionality of automatic pop up across many fields, adding tags, sections on the fly etc are captured in our product Sendana. Outlook To Asana - Sendana

Maybe Asana could incorporate in the gmail version some of what we have spent long hours working on for Outlook users.