Turn emails into tasks with Asana for Gmail


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Hey all; Michael from Asana here!

Just wanted to officially relay a much awaited update to the Community about the ability to add this integration if you’re an admin.

Google has made an update and Gmail Add-ons now support domain-wide installation. As a result, G Suite admins can now install Gmail Add-ons for their own accounts.

I do want to note, we have heard that often the add-on is not visible after initial install and log in. If this is the case for you & you’re not able to see a right side panel open up when you click into an email or the Asana logo to the right of your screen, please try signing out of your Gmail and signing back in or try opening different emails. We have also seen this reset for folks and operate as intended after refreshing one or more times.


Hi @Michael_A

This update has now allowed me to install the add on. However despite numerous refreshes, Chrome and laptop restarts over multiple days the add on is still not showing up. In the meantime I have installed a Salesforce add on with similar functionality and it is working perfectly so I do not think it is a problem on my device or domain side.

Do you have any further advice on how to get this working?



Hi @Steven_Daly; sorry to hear of this trouble.

Have you tried clearing your cache? We’ve seen this, coupled with a couple refresh requests, kick the add-on into gear :slight_smile:

Let us know how that works!


Hi @Michael_A,

I got it sorted with an uninstall and reinstall of the plugin.

Thanks for your help!


Happy to hear it @Steven_Daly!



When using the gadget can you add an email to an existing task as a comment?

If not will the outlook gadget yes do it?


Hi @Hersh_Leifer you currently can not add an email to an existing task with the gmail add-on. For Outlook and Asana integrations you could check out Sendana. cc: @James_Carl


Is the ability to add an email to an existing task using gmail on the agenda ?


Sendona does not have the ability to add to an existing task.



Hiya. Excited for this add-on but am having difficulty. I have a non-admin test account in my G Suite domain and I’ve added the add-on to its OU. No Asaness. Cleared cache, logged in and out of Google, uninstalled and reinstalled add-on, and still nothing. However, with the add-on installed, when I go to “add-ons” in Gmail settings for the account, I see an entry for an “Invalid add-on” in the Installed developer add-ons section. This entry vanishes when I uninstall the add-on from that account’s OU.



Hi @Hersh_Leifer it is something we have noted as a possible update. I’ll add your vote to that (we have to weigh against other things)


I really like this but struggle because for some reason my email panel sits under the Asana add-on panel … meaning I can’t read the full email or hit the reply button without scrolling to the right… can someone help me?
I get this - email overflowing under the Asana Add-on pane. This is Firefox.


@Maimoona_Block, Is there a way to add it as a task to a certain project?


Hi @Ian_Hartsook you should be able to search for and select a project in the field under description. Let me know if this is missing for you.


I’ve added the integration for Gmail and my staff have the sidebar, but my account (as administrator) has not integrated yet. It’s been almost a week, so I tried again today and still no luck. Can someone look into this for me, please?


@Michael_A @Maimoona_Block
Please see my question above. Thanks in advance for your help!


It showed up today! @Michael_A @Maimoona_Block


We are evaluating as a team to transition to Asana, and having this integration is an absolute must, but it doesn’t seem to be working. I am an admin and have done the following:

  • installed it domain-wide for the entire team, and have ensured that it is on for me and all other users
  • logged in and out several times-
    cleared my cache several times
  • refreshed several times
  • tried different emails

Nothing seems to work to get the side panel to show up.

Please advise.



Hi @Mike_Grinberg! Have you just installed the add-on? It might take a few hours before the add-on becomes available in your Gmail. If you don’t see it in the next few hours, please let me know and I’ll be happy to investigate this further for you!


@Marie I’m having an issue with the add-on. I installed it last week and after 24h it appeared to me and my co-workers. The issue is that it’s a matter of luck, sometimes it’s on, sometimes it’s off. Do you know how to fix this?