Turn emails into tasks with Asana for Gmail


I am a gsuite admin and i tried everything the enable asana for gmail add-on but have been unsuccessful. I can see the add-on for my personal gmail bit cannot get it for my official one.


Hi @Loknath_Rath,

Could you make sure that your Admin has whitelisted the Add-on for your domain?

Can you also verify that you have authorised the add-on for your account (both are required for GSuite users!)

Looking forward to your reply!


OK. So it was not white listed. I have now whitelisted it and authorised it. Do i wait for a couple of hours or days for it to show up? Or should i de-install and re-install it?


I would recommend re-installing it following these steps.

Important note: If you are the administrator for your domain you can install the add-on for your entire organization. Please note that it can take up to 7 days for the add-on to show up with admin install. Additionally, admins are now required by Google to enter the OAuth2-client-id to whitelist the app. Asana’s OAuth2-client-id is the following: 923474483785-sqf6uk8vq1rqe853il0g2h4m98ji2fq6.apps.googleusercontent.com .


HI all
I don’t know why but the Asana Add on is not displayed on my Android Gmail App on my Huawei Tablet, while the add on is well available on my Honor phone or even if I do connect onto Gmail from Google Chrome.
Any tips ?

I have already reinstall the application on the tablet, check for update available, reinstalled the Add-on from my Chrome Store etc…

It still remains the same only available on my phone but on the tablet.

Thanks all


Hi @jean-charles_lanciau the Add on is only available on the web Gmail Client.



Hi Jason

Sorry but this is wrong. Below a screenshot taken from Gmail Android App of my phone, where the Add-on is available and working well



@jean-charles_lanciau Okay my apologies didn’t even realise. Will have to give that a go.