Turn emails into tasks with Asana for Gmail


I am a gsuite admin and i tried everything the enable asana for gmail add-on but have been unsuccessful. I can see the add-on for my personal gmail bit cannot get it for my official one.


Hi @Loknath_Rath,

Could you make sure that your Admin has whitelisted the Add-on for your domain?

Can you also verify that you have authorised the add-on for your account (both are required for GSuite users!)

Looking forward to your reply!


OK. So it was not white listed. I have now whitelisted it and authorised it. Do i wait for a couple of hours or days for it to show up? Or should i de-install and re-install it?


I would recommend re-installing it following these steps.

Important note: If you are the administrator for your domain you can install the add-on for your entire organization. Please note that it can take up to 7 days for the add-on to show up with admin install. Additionally, admins are now required by Google to enter the OAuth2-client-id to whitelist the app. Asana’s OAuth2-client-id is the following: 923474483785-sqf6uk8vq1rqe853il0g2h4m98ji2fq6.apps.googleusercontent.com .