Troubleshooting - Custom Field

Hello! Has anyone run into this issue or have a suggestion on how to reverse?

Within a project is the “customize” option. Prior to the native time tracking we had a custom field “estimated hours” for tasks. I deleted the field for a single client project and it deleted the field across all of our client projects and so we no longer have estimated hours for anything from project inception.

My logic was, if I have to create/update forms, project lanes, and rules for every individual project surely deleting a custom field on a single client project would not be an issue.

I’ve reached out to support to see if there is any possibility to reverse what I did without impacting new tasks and comments that were added since I made the error but has anyone else run into this issue? Is this a product flaw or user error?

I considered maybe implementing the native time tracker may have wiped everything but we have a sprint board where it was already being used so that debunked my thinking.


Welcome, @nichole_williscroft1,

This has always behaved consistently for me. In image below, clicking Delete field will cause the behavior you saw; Remove from project is the button you’d want instead:

Any chance you just happened to click the wrong one this time?

Perhaps Support can help.


Hi Ipb, thanks for the reply. I’ll be honest, I may have completely glanced over the message highlighted at the top and deleted the field rather than removing from a single project. If that is the case, then I wish the ability to add rules and forms “affecting multiple projects” could be an option.

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@nichole_williscroft1, You can vote for that here: