Custom Field Resetting - Despite being in Field Library

Hi there.

I manage a design team, and we are currently expanding. Im trying to setup a second #2 Project Board” that can hold the exact same tasks and Custom fields etc as a the original #1 Project Board. I want to be able to assign tasks between the different boards as I need.

However, I seem to be having an issue with my custom fields where it will reset to ‘Un-tagged’ when I move a task between boards. This is despite the Custom Fields seemingly being logged in the Organisation Field Library (see screenshot).

We have a complex tagging system, and would really need to this work without having to reset custom fields every time a project moves.

Thanks for your help.

If you look at one specific task history, you should the exact reason. For example “Rule X fired”. It should explain why the custom is being reset. Let us know what you find!

Thanks Bastien.

It says the below. Asana is resetting it. Is it triggering a rule somehow?


Thank you so much. Looks like that was the reason. Ive changed the rule that was overrinding.

Yes the :zap: means a rule did this.

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