Transfer of ownership on Teams created with Premium Trial

Hello all. I have an Asana Team that I set up with the Premium trial for my company. On the Team there are 2 constants including myself and the CTO. We create projects and invite people to specific projects (4-5 max, 90% from within the company) for the duration of the proj.

I am the owner/creator of the Team, Templates and any Workflows. CTO is a Team Admin.

Going forward, CTO would like to be the owner of the Premium priced account and have me on the free tier as a team member with all the capabilities I now have.

What do I need to do to make that work? Is having CTO as the admin good enough or would we have to recreate the whole setup from scratch? Would we lose any access to templates etc?

My premium trial ends in 7 days so any speed would be appreciated. Thanks!

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If you have a paid Asana Team you should be able to reappoint another member as the billing owner: How to Upgrade & Manage Billing Options in Asana | Product guide • Asana Product Guide

If you upgrade a specific team, only that particular team will be considered on a paid plan. The rest of the organization and the other teams will remain on the Basic version of Asana with the option to upgrade in the future.

In your case if you want to work with a lot of guests maybe having an Org can be convenient as well.

Here is a great overview on the pricing structure:

In terms of rules since you created them this should be considered.

Because when you are guest you have a lot less possibilities.

You can also reach out to so they can assist with changing the billing owner or if you have specific questions about your plan etc.

I hope that helps

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Thank you for the info Andrea! I will look into it.