How do I reassign someone else as the billing owner for my organization?

I am leaving my company and want to remove myself as the billing owner.
However, my organisation settings does not allow me to do so. In fact it is showing very few settings that I can change

How do I change it and assign someone in my company as the billing owner?

You should contact support. Go to Asana Support - Help Center • Asana, into “Having Trouble With” and then below you will find a “Still can’t find an answer” button.

Got it. Was looking for the means to directly contact Asana for a while.


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Hi @Qianwei_Dai,

Our support Team will be more than happy to help, but just as an FIY, you should also be able to re-assign billing ownership for your Premium Team following these steps:

  1. Hover over the name of the Premium Team within your the sidebar.
  2. Click the gear icon that appears.
  3. Access the Team’s Settings.
  4. Click on “Reassign”.
  5. Add your colleagues name

If needed, this is our Guide article explaining this short process: How to Upgrade & Manage Billing Options in Asana | Product guide • Asana Product Guide

Hope this helps :slight_smile: