Switching to Premium

We are currently trying to switch our current project management platform over to Asana. We currently have Asana set up, they must have used it in the past because several users are a part of teams already. But they haven’t used it in awhile. We can not figure out who the main admin is for the organization. We’d like to clean it up, many of the users are no longer with the company.

Then we want to switch to premium. Everyone in the organization doesn’t need the premium features. What I am trying to understand is, if we upgrade to premium, is it done by the number of people we want to upgrade in the organization or how many teams we want to upgrade.

I am trying to figure out the best plan for us to upgrade to. I have been unable to reach anyone in Support or Sales. I keep getting bounced around and I am not able to get a definitive answer. Any guidance would be helpful! Thank you!

Hi @Shannon_Chapman, thanks for reaching out!

In order to manage your entire Organization, I would recommend you starting a free trial of Asana Premium. With a trial you will get access to the Admin Console and you will be able to see and manage all teams and members that are currently part of your Organization. You will be able to remove any inactive members as well and clean up your Organization. If you decide not to continue with Asana Premium, you will be able to cancel your trial at any time.

If you prefer, you can also create a new team, add the members that need access to Premium and upgrade only that team. This will help you to control who has access to the paid features.

Our support team is in a better position to give you a tailored answer here so I’ve also gove ahead and requested them to follow-up with you as well.

Let me know if you have any other questions!