Tracking Users and "seats"

Couple of Issues here:

  1. It seems that even if I do not type in a legit address it counts it as a seat
  2. The interface is clunky - I need a way a) print off list of users b) search for users c) bulk delete

Being an administrator and being able to control usage is important. We need to ensure that we are not paying for everyone/anyone - and that the seats we are paying for are legit.

Hi @Renee_McInerney, welcome to the Forum! If your plan is set up at the Organization level, you can manage your Members directly via the Admin Console and easily remove unwanted Members or Guests. If your plan is set up at the Team level, this option is not available, but you can still see a full list of users in the Members tab within the Team Settings.

I’ve noted your comments as feedback for our Product Team. Please let me know if you need anything else. :slight_smile:

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