Tracking PTO in Asana

Is there a way to connect employees’ PTO in Asana? We use google Calendar as our corporate calendar, and it would be great if there was a global calendar that provided me insight into employees’ days off, so I don’t schedule a task on a day that they are not in the office.

I saw a lot of posts about Asana connecting with Google Calendar (Asana to Google), but is there a way to have it go the other way (Google to Asana)? Or a place in Asana that I could globally enter employees’ time off?

Thank you!


Hi @Sandy_Friedman, thanks for reaching out!

These are great questions, we currently don’t offer a feature to track and see upcoming PTO your team planned in Google Calendar. You can try one the time tracking integrations, please find the full list here. We also have two product feedback requests related to these topics, I recommend you to upvote here:

You can also use the Vacation Indicator feature in your profile settings to show your team when you are away.

I hope this helps!