Vacation Tracking


Hi! I think it would be great if there was a way to track PTO days in Asana. Not just having a team member add a vacation request, but track how many they have used and have left. This would help so much with scheduling.


I disagree, Asana should not be used to do this kind of thing. This is the job of a timesheet tracking tool. You could be in holidays and still work in Asana and vice-versa.


I’m not saying you still couldn’t work in Asana while on vacation or be in holidays. We try to respect each others time and not delegate work during PTO time. Another feature that can be added is if the person wants to mute notifications on vacation or decline project assignments on vacation. Just an idea.

Timesheets to me are data forms you fill out while you are in the current week. At our company, we request vacations a couple months in advance. If Asana gave me a way to know that I have 25 PTO days and I’ve used X amount that would be great since they already have a calendar and track projects by task.

If we are tracking progress on projects why not have more transparency and know if someone is on vacation within the same software rather than opening some other calendar or program to find out?


I agree, I am just saying the vacation feature in Asana looks to me like a “mute notification” and not a holiday tracking feature.


Hey @Thanh_P, Michael from Asana here

This is an interesting idea, though to be honest, perhaps this might be a better opportunity for a 3rd party to use our API to create their own vacation tracking integration, since this is definitely a business need.

Regardless, you left this comment in the right place!

Thanks for chiming in :slight_smile: