Asana Integration with Google Calendar helps have all the meetings and track remote teams’ days off in one place

In recent years, their teams and projects became bigger in adding new people, aka resources. So we faced the necessity of paying more attention to tracking remote teams’ days off and planning more team calls during the working week.

So we found a way out of both challenges by using Google Calendar integration with Asana.

What was done:

  • We have created two boards: on the of them, the task was used to document a day off/vacation or sick day (start and due dates of these tasks showing the time frames of the teammate’s absence); another board was built in a following way: one task - one team call with the subtasks as call agenda action items/notes.
  • Both boards were integrated via the “Synced to calendar” feature.

Who is OFF today_ - Asana

  • Ultimately, we could see teammates’ availability in Google Calendar (not on a day off), and schedule teams’ calls accordingly.


Hi there! This is great info, thank you so much for sharing. We have a separate, shared Google calendar for our team that we track PTO, ProDev, etc. to keep this visible. I am curious if you use the workload feature in Asana currently? If you do, has your team found a solid way of tracking days off in Asana to help with scheduling of tasks? When scheduling tasks now, I reference our overall workload and our shared Google Calendar. It would be awesome to find a way to seamlessly integrate days away from the office in Asana and have it visible in Workload. Here is my email if it’s easier to connect directly: - thank you again!

@Jenny_Scott thank you for the feedback!
Unfortunately, at the moment our team doesn’t use Workloads.

@Julien_RENAUD @Arthur_BEGOU maybe we should export our PTO project as a calendar?