How to track days off in a remote team

Hey All!

Being a dedicated Asana Ambassador, I would like to share our in-house elaborated way how to track team members’ days off via Asana (working well for remote teams working from all over the globe and projects, mainly collaborating with freelancers).

So everything starts from the custom-made form, with the submitter’s name and e-mail, the reason for taking off, dates of absence, and field for some notes.

When the form is filled out, the task appears on the relevant board.
All the data from the form is reflected in the task description. The time off dates are connected with the due dates in the task, the reason for taking time off, and the submitter’s name are interconnected with the task title. Moreover, we have created a rule that for the tasks created for this relevant project, the task creator is automatically assigned as a task assignee. Having HR as a collaborator on every task in this day-off-related board, we have accessible tracking teammates’ holidays and sick days.

At the end of the day, we have a great info source that helps us plan deadlines. This board (calendar view) is also integrated with Google Calendar.

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Hey @Xenia_Cubrac

Thanks for the cool idea.

And If you also ask the submitter to count the time (ex: number of opening hours represented by the time off); you could probably combine your tasks with the feature Asana Workload - Manage Team Capacity and Rebalance Work • Asana.

That’s what we use at iDO to combine Workload and time off :slight_smile:

Screenshot - 2023-06-07T124745.170