Vacation Indicator - Person Replacing Me

It would be great to be able to select replacement of you during vacation. This could happen in My Profile window, where you are selecting dates of your vacation. There could be additional field for selecting teammate. All your responsibilities as Asana member (like automatic status update reminders, assigned tasks…) could be temporarily attached to you. We are manually reasignning things now.


Sounds great! I would also love to see if a person is away on a date, when i want to assign a task to them. Also it would really help to have the possibility to mark certain weekdays as “fixed” away dates.


This right here. This would be fantastic. We’re a smaller company, and in fact, it’s just our marketing department that uses Asana to manage daily workflow, so while @kshengelia 's idea is great, it’s @Andrea ‘s reply that really hit home with me. To be able to have a visible indicator when attempting to assign someone a subtask on a date that person will be unavailable, would be invaluable.
Also, a list of teammates’ “blackout dates” in the calendar view would be helpful, too.


Great feedback, but next to reassigning tasks; I would like to add that when I’m on holiday that my reoccurring daily tasks, tasks that don’t need to be reassigned, can/will be paused during the period of absence.


That’s a great idea. Especially the calendar view that @doug_sanchez suggested would be amazing for us. Besides our day to day work, we are working on a very large project with multiple partner companies inside a separate Workspace. Seeing the vacation times for all members of the Workspace would be amazing, since it would make it much easier to battle German bureaucracy (some of our partners are government institutions).

Adding to the feedback above: Maybe it would also be helpful to be able to select for which projects the tasks will be reassigned (in addition to the reoccuring tasks). Therefore, some very important tasks (which might not necessarily be urgent) stay with the person who usually makes decisions on this issue. Not sure how many users will desperately need it, but I am sure the vacation calendar feature would be at least tried out by most companies using Asana.

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Really, just putting a generic text field next to the away settings would be nice, you could direct people to a teammate, put your cell in, etc.