Show a warning when assignee is on vacation


I have to assign a task with a due date of 4th of July.
The person is already set her status as out of office between 1-10 July.
Would be nice to have a warning to modify the due date as this person is not available at the given time.


This. This. This.
I need users to have the ability to “block dates” so that no assignments can be set as due on their upcoming vacation days (and days where an event takes place that means nothing else can be done) & assigner gets warning “__ unavailable on due date”.

AND an obvious status setting so that while out of the office it is super visible to everyone if someone is in/out(maybe a ring of color around the user’s icon? green, yellow, red)


Yes! Please! We create a lot of long-term projects, with tasks being assigned 13-14 months ahead! In order to gain a more accurate time-line for task completion and release of the project, knowing when teammates and co-workers aren’t in the office is essential! It is difficult to track multiple people’s vacation calendars, so it would be extremely helpful to be (1) get a warning when assigning someone a task, and/or (2) see scheduled vacations in someone’s task calendar.