Vacation responder in case anyone tags me or sends me a message?

Good day all.

I am the second most active user in our company of Asana and going on vacation next week, and am hoping that I’ve overlooked a feature.

In the event that someone forgets that I’m out of the office for a week and tags me in Asana, or assigns me a task, or sends me a direct message, is there any feature in Asana for them to get a popup or some sort of “FYI” that I am on vacation and not able to act on whatever is needed?

We have team members all over a 4-county area and there’s no way they are all just going to remember that I’m on vacation.

I have my gmail responder turned on but that does me no good in Asana.


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Hi @Matt5, I would consider creating a rule automatically adding a comment when someone assigns you a task.

@ambforumleader, @pforumleader any other suggestions? I believe some of you have written tips about handling PTOs in the past, do you mind sharing these resources here.

@Matt5 You sound like a perfect candidate for our Ambassador program, I recommend checking it out, it only takes a few minutes to join :slight_smile:


Actually @Marie great piece of advise!


You might be already on vacation, but don’t forget to mark yourself OOO from Settings > Profile :wink:

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